Credit Report UK

If you are looking to get a loan or mortgage or even a credit card then a credit check is undertaken on your financial history by credit reference agencies and a note is then placed upon your own report. You can get a free credit report from the agencies to check to see has looked at your file in recent times and to ensure the data contained upon it is correct and up to date.

Why get a free credit report ?

The main reason is to ensure that you are not a victim of identify theft and by checking your report on a regular basis you can see not only which companies have looked up your file but also what loans are against your name. If you don't check your report then you also have a right to get one online or through the post to provide you with a snap shot in time and the credit agencies generally charge around £2 as an administration fee.

What's contained in your report ?

The credit report is generally made up of two elements. 1) Information from public records such as electoral role saying who is living at a particular address as well as bankrupt information and individual voluntary arrangements (IVR) and 2) the information found from lenders about loans such as mortgages and credit cards as well as payment information (if you paid on time each month) and the amount left outstanding on any loan agreement. Each loan is detailed so you can see the exact information contained about you which should include by not limited to the name of the person who took out the loan, the loan type, the current balance, the address and a summary of the payment history.

Credit repair from specialists

Once you have your own free credit report you can then determine if you need to repair it if the information contained in the report is incorrect. This is easy to do by contacting the relevant companies directly and if the information is wrong they can correct it right away. There are many organisations claiming to be credit repair companies who are able to get rid of negative information but really you can do this yourself. All three of the major credit referencing agencies are able to provide you with a free report about your credit history so why not get yours today.