Credit Report Companies

In the uk there are really only three main credit report companies that hold personal data on your credit card and loan activities. By law you can ask to see your credit report for £2 but some of them offer free access for 30 days if you sign up online and provide a credit card number.

The Companies in Detail

Experian is probably the company most people have heard of and they supply a great and easy to use online service utilising their credit expert website. Here you can see your up to date report in great detail for free for 30 days. It's a great service and highly recommended. The report will also show your credit score which is placed in groups from very poor to excellent. This enables you to understand how lenders may view any credit applications you may process.

Experian were founded way back in 1980 and produced the first credit scoring in the UK. They have over 100,000 businesses in their system and on a typical day over 90 millions online transactions will be processed and 30,000 credit reports will be produced.

You can get your report for free right now from their website.

Equifax is a US based company that's been in existance for over 100 years. They also provide a free 30 day trial of seeing your report and rating. They have an easy to use interface that graphically shows your data and once the free trial is up it costs just £6.99 per month to continue with the service. You can get your report free now by signing up online.

Call Credit is the other agency used in the uk and are based in Bristol. They too offer a free 30 day trial which includes access to your credit score as well as identify theft alerts. You can access your report online from their website.

If you are trying to get a new loan or mortgage then it may be worth finding out which credit agency they are using so you can get your data from the same provider as they do. Of course many companies use more than one credit checking service but it's worth checking this out beforehand.

Other ways of seeing your credit report

You have other choices such as getting a one off report which all the credit referencing agencies must provide you by law for £2. This is generally posted to you but some offer an online service.

There are also other services that combine all the agencies together such as checkmyfile where for the same £6.99 per month you get all the data in one report. This is much better value than signing up for all the services one by one.